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Shuttle-Mir Stories - Pool on Medical Lessons of Shuttle-Mir

During Shuttle-Mir, Dr. Sam Pool was Assistant Director, Space Medicine, at Johnson Space Center. In his Oral History Dr. Pool talks about medical lessons learned from Shuttle-Mir.

Pool says, "I don't think we could have asked for a better testbed to learn what we needed to know. We looked at the good things and we've also looked at some things that were lessons for us, and we had better learn those lessons. . ."

According to Pool, the importance of "redundancy in various life support systems has been made very clear to us. We must have the ability to deal successfully with contingencies like fires, and [the] leaking of the [space station's] atmosphere. . ." into outer space, as well as, "carbon monoxide being released into the cabin as the result of a small fire. . ."

Pool says, "We've [also] learned a lot about the efficacy of [physical] exercise and how perhaps not to do it. And on and on; the list is long. . ."

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