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Shuttle-Mir Stories - Wetherbee Quoting Wolf on Risk

Shuttle Commander James Wetherbee ends his Oral History with "just one more story." It's a quote from U.S. Mir astronaut David Wolf, about risk.

According to Wetherbee, ". . . at the end of every telecom [during STS-86], while we were docked ... [David Wolf would] end his transmission by telling [the ground controllers], 'Now, be careful down there. You're awfully close to the ground. You don't want to get hurt.'"

Wetherbee says, "It was a great way to think about risk. He's up there, floating around in what astronauts tend to think of as a relatively risk-free environment, although there are some risks, but he's telling the people on the ground, 'Don't worry about me. You take care of yourselves, and I'll be okay up here.'"

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