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Shuttle-Mir Stories - Lucid on Life on Mir

In her Oral History, U.S. Mir astronaut Shannon Lucid discusses her life on Mir.

She says, "We really had a good time together. We really enjoyed being there together. Yuri and Yuri were absolutely fantastic to work with. I mean, I could not have picked better people to spend a long period of time with. We just lived every day as it came...

"...We ate all our meals together and spent a lot of time talking to each other over mealtimes. Then many times we did take a small break in the middle of the late afternoon where we'd have tea and cookies together. Lots of times we would have tea and cookies together just before we went to bed at night...

Lucid kept her personal gear in the Spektr module, where, she says, "I had a [Russian] sleeping bag. ... Then I had one of the white collapsible bags that had all my personal things .. my books and stuff...

"Then at the end of the day when Yuri, the commander, said it was time to go to sleep, or go to bed, then I would go into Spektr and just unroll the sleeping bag and tie it off. Generally, we had about an hour in the evening to [ourselves]. That was just real nice. Then I would get in the sleeping bag, go to sleep, wake up the next morning when the alarm clock went off."

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