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Vladimir A. Solovyev
Co-chair,Flight Operations and Systems Integration Working Group, RSC Energia

Vladimir Solovyev of RSC Energia was the co-chair for the Flight Operations and Systems Integration Working Group. This group developed Phase 1's flight programs and crew work schedules. The group also devised the requirements for control, communications, and systems integration.

Additionally, Solovyev served as the lead Mir flight director, and he is a former cosmonaut who has logged over 350 days in space. On his 1986 flight, Solovyev and his crewmate flew to both the Mir and the Salyut-7 space stations, making them the only crew in history to visit two space stations in a single spacecraft.

In his Oral History, Donald Noah, NASA's lead in charge of all shuttle integration for STS-74, commented on Solovyev: "He was an ex-cosmonaut, a national hero of the Soviet Union, all the medals and stuff. Wonderful guy, really a nice guy, sharp, one of the sharpest guys they had. I mean, he was certainly an asset to that program."

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