Shuttle-Mir History/References/Credits

Astronaut Jay Apt is looking at the orbiter Atlantis from the Mir flight engineer's cabin.

Sources for the History of Shuttle-Mir Web are listed below.

Designer Paula Vargas,
Information Dynamics Inc.
Developer Sandra Johnson,
SIGNAL Corporation
Web Author Clay Morgan
Writers Rebecca Wright,
SIGNAL Corporation
Jana Walker
Project Coordination Rebecca Wright,
SIGNAL Corporation
Gary Seloff,
Information Dynamics Inc.
Technical Support Mike Koester,
Information Dynamics Inc.

Science Section:

Developer Julie Oliveaux,
Lockheed Martin
Coordinator Jacque Havelka,
Lockheed Martin

Data Archive Projects Group (Lockheed Martin):

Jacque Havelka
Katie Hamilton
Jason LeBlanc
Bonnie Meadows
Deanna Middleton
Julie Oliveaux
DeeDee Thomas
Simone Thomas

Science Operations Group (Lockheed Martin):

Peggy Delaney
Myphuong Lam
Tonya Sivils
Jaime Valverde


Frank L. Culbertson, Jr., NASA JSC
William A. Larsen, NASA JSC
Jessie Gilmore, NASA JSC
Duane Ross, Chair, Johnson Space Center Oral History Committee
David S.F. Portree


NASA Johnson Space Center
Barry Schroder, Lockheed Martin


Dexter Herbert, Information Dynamics Inc.
Jason Fennelly, DynCorp
Pat Ryan, Information Dynamics Inc.
Amy Bouton, Information Dynamics Inc.
Silvia Stewart, Information Dynamics Inc.
Robert Eddy, Information Dynamics Inc.

Mir Deorbit footage supplied by Cable News Network (CNN)


Analytical Graphics, Inc.


Dianne Valdez, Information Dynamics Inc.
Traci Fugleberg, DynCorp
Kim Cook, Dynacs Engineering
Irene Jenkins, Information Dynamics Inc.
Mary Wilkerson, Information Dynamics Inc.
Linda Turney, Information Dynamics Inc.
Alan Bond, Information Dynamics Inc.
David Sharron, Information Dynamics Inc.
Phase 1: A Journey to Mir, 1994-1998 (CD-ROM), produced by Lockheed Martin
Science and Engineering Team for NASA Phase 1, 1998


Mark Curtiss, Maximov Online
Phase 1: A Journey to Mir, 1994-1998 (CD-ROM), produced by Lockheed Martin
Science and Engineering Team for NASA Phase 1, 1998
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
NASA Headquarters Office of Space Flight
NASA Headquarters Public Affairs Office
NASA Johnson Space Center
NASA Kennedy Space Center
Mark Wade's Encyclopedia Astronauctica
Mir Hardware Heritage
Mir Mission Chronicles, Sue McDonald, NASA TP-1998-208920
David Woods

Oral History Transcription:

Deborah Lattimore, TechniType Transcripts

Text sources include:

NASA Johnson Space Center Shuttle-Mir Oral Histories
NASA Johnson Space Center
NASA Kennedy Space Center
NASA Headquarters
NASA Public Affairs Offices
Russian Space Agency and Energia
Mark Wade's Encyclopedia Astronauctica
"Rendezvous," NASA PAO Fact Sheet, 1998
Phase 1 Joint Report
"Phase 1 Program: The U.S. Prepares for the International Space Station," 1998
NASA Human Spaceflight Programs History
Russian Space Stations," JSC Fact Sheet,: IS-1997-06-004JSC
Human Spaceflight: A Record of Achievement, 1961-1998, Judy A. Rumerman NASA History Monograph No. 9, 1998.
Mir Hardware Heritage, David S. F. Portree, NASA Reference Publication 1357
"Living in the Space Shuttle," FS-1995-08-001JSC
Living Aloft: Human Requirements for Extended Spaceflight, NASA SP-483, 1985
Walking to Olympus: A Chronology of Extravehicular Activity, Monographs in Aerospace History, No. 7, 1997, David S.F. Portree, Robert C. Trevino
CIA World Fact Book
Encyclopaedia Britannica, "Russian Language"
"Six Months on Mir," Shannon Lucid, Scientific American, May 1988
"Letters to My Son," Jerry Linenger
JSC News Release: 97-30
NASA History of the Space Shuttle
"Living in the Space Shuttle," FS-1995-08-001JSC
Mir Mission Chronicles, Sue McDonald, NASA/TP-98-2078990
Meanings of Mir, "What's in a Name?" Frank L. Culbertson, submitted to Association of Space Explorers

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