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Mir Structural Dynamics Experiment (MiSDE)


The primary objective of the MiSDE was to obtain structural dynamic response data on the Mir and the Mir/Orbiter in a mated configuration. This data will be useful in the development of verified capability to perform structural dynamic analysis of the ISS. The Specific objectives were to define the Mir/Orbiter structural dynamic characteristics by on-orbit modal tests using primarily existing instrumentation,

Shuttle-Mir Missions
NASA-3/STS-81, NASA-4/STS-84, NASA-5/STS-86, NASA-6.

The MiSDE was launched to Mir on the STS-79 flight and transferred Mir. The MiSDE sensors were deployed in the Kvant-1, Core, Priroda, Spektr, Kristall, and Kvant-2 modules. The first data collection was initiated in November 1996 and continued into mated operations on STS-81. Flight tests consisted of excitation of the structure, measurement of structural responses and forcing functions, recording of the data, and post-test analysis. Test events (or structural excitation) included Mir thruster firings, Shuttle thruster firings, docking, Intravehicular and extravehicular activities, and ambient noise. Data sessions were conducted during the NASA-3 through 6 missions and returned to STS-89 for analysis.

Modal parameters (frequency, damping, and mode shape) were extracted from a total of 35 transient events and model refinements were performed on a total of six configurations using the extracted modes.

The results from this study demonstrated that on-orbit modal testing and model refinement for large space structures are feasible within operational constraints.

The structural dynamics data will be used to correlate and adjust math models of the Mir and Shuttle-Mir assemblies. The resulting correlation will lend confidence to methods applicable to the modeling and processing techniques used to verify the first few ISS configurations.

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Principal Investigators
Hyoung-Man Kim, Ph.D.

Sergei Simakov, Ph.D.
Vyatcheslav Mezhin
Mohamed Kaouk, Ph.D.

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