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These pages were created to commemorate the Johnson Space Center's 40th birthday in September 2001.

JSC Celebrates 40 Years of Human Space Flight The Johnson Space Center has been home to the nation's human space flight programs. Review the past, glimpse into the future and download imagery of the past 40 years here.
JSC Turns 40: A Review in Photos View and download imagery that traces the history of the Johnson Space Center and America's human space flight programs over the past four decades.
Memorandum for Staff Memo written Sept. 19, 1961, signed by Center Director Robert Gilruth.
Press Release Press Release - Manned Space Flight Laboratory Location dated Sept. 19, 1961.
Memorandum for Assistant Director for Administration Memo written Oct. 19, 1961, signed by Center Director Robert Gilruth.
Some key dates in the history of JSC:

Sept. 19, 1961 - Date when the official announcement was made public that the Manned Spacecraft Center would be located in Houston.

Sept. 22, 1961 - Date of the first official NASA delegation visit to Houston.

Oct. 24, 1961 - When the Manned Spacecraft Center (Houston Office) was formerly established as an entity by NASA.

Nov. 1, 1961 - The first edition of the "Space News Roundup" was published.

Feb. 17, 1973 - Name changed from Manned Spacecraft Center to Johnson Space Center.

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