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Shuttle-Mir Stories - Linenger's Letters to his Son

January 29, 1997
"Don't spit your toothpaste into your towel

Dear John:

An old friend just wrote. Said he heard the floor creaking when he walked down his hallway, and wonders if I miss things like that.

Although most fathers want their sons to be like them, I'd rather you not try to follow too closely in your Dad's footsteps. Along the lines of the famous "do as I say, not as I do" phrase parents always use.

Don't try to fly from point A to point B just because you saw Dad do it.
Don't sleep on the wall.
Don't eat your food upside down above the table.
Don't spit your toothpaste into your towel.
Don't change clothes once every four days.
Don't eat your food directly from a can.
Don't go 5 months without a bath.

Mom is definitely a better role model.

Life is challenging, interesting, and productive every day up here. One fantastic collection of science projects all located in fantastic complex of space station. The constant hum of generators, ventilators, and machinery are good substitute for creaking floors.

Good night, son. Sleep tight. I'll be watching over you as usual. Give Mommy a smile for me.


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