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Welcome to the Shuttle-Mir History Web Site. Here are sights, sounds, and first-person stories, plus historical background, official documents, chronologies, and guided tours. From early 1994 into 1998, American astronauts spent nearly 1000 days living in orbit with Russian cosmonauts. American space shuttles rendezvoused ten times with Russia's space station Mir. Called "Phase 1," the Shuttle-Mir Program prepared the way for the International Space Station and began an era of cooperation and exploration, rarely seen in human history.

Message from Frank L. Culbertson, Jr., Phase 1 Shuttle-Mir Program Manager


Welcome introduces the site and presents the four main Shuttle-Mir Goals.

Tours offers specially designed pathways through the site.

History presents what happened and when, including the historical context of the Shuttle-Mir program.

Science reports on over 100 investigations conducted during Shuttle-Mir.

Spacecraft describes both the American and Russian space vehicles.

People profiles those who helped make Shuttle-Mir happen: the astronauts, cosmonauts, and the team working on Earth. This section includes many excerpts from Oral Histories -- first-person narratives of hard work and adventure.

References includes glossaries, documents, reports, other histories, and links outside this web site.

Multimedia compiles many photos, videos, and diagrams.

Site Map displays all the upper level pages and links in this web site.

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