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Shuttle-Mir Background - Star City Life

In Russia, NASA's Mir astronauts and Shuttle-Mir team members lived, worked and trained at a place called "Star City." In his Oral History, Astronaut William Readdy said, "Star City really is a little tiny city. It's self-contained, and all the services are there, and there are several generations [of Russians] there ... the original cosmonauts and their trainers and then ... kids and grandkids and grandparents... Everybody ... lives in this self-contained town."

Many team members lived in the "Prophylactory" (aka the "Prophy"), a three-floor dormitory which the Russians built to house Americans during the Apollo-Soyuz Project and which has since been used for cosmonauts who have come back from a flight. NASA leased the second floor for team housing and for the office of the Director of Operations, Russia. NASA also built several duplexes for housing, during the Shuttle-Mir program.

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