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Astronauts - Kevin P. Chilton

Kevin Chilton commanded STS-76, the third Shuttle-Mir docking mission. Chilton's crew on the Space Shuttle Atlantis included astronaut Shannon Lucid, who was being transported to the Russian space station, beginning an American presence onboard that would continue for more than two years. This flight also showcased the first spacewalk made during Shuttle-Mir docked operations.

Chilton became an astronaut in 1988. Prior to his career at NASA, he served in the United States Air Force as a combat-ready pilot and instructor pilot in Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. He also attended the USAF Squadron Officer School and the USAF Test Pilot School, graduating number one from both schools. Chilton earned a Bachelor of Science in engineering sciences from the USAF Academy and a Master of Science in mechanical engineering from Columbia University on a Guggenheim Fellowship.

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