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Teams - Aleksandr P. Aleksandrov, Co-Chair, Crew Training and Exchange Working Group, Phase 1 Program

Aleksandr Aleksandrov of the RSC Energia served as the co-chair for the Crew Training and Exchange Working Group, Phase 1 Program. This group developed the requirements for crew functions, programs, schedules, and crew training.

Aleksandrov also served as the co-chair for the Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Working Group. This group was responsible for defining both the EVA requirements and the hardware necessary to support spacewalks conducted during Phase 1.

Prior to his career with Energia, Aleksandrov served in the Russian Army and attended Bauman Technical Institute, majoring in electrical engineering with an emphasis on spacecraft controls. He is a cosmonaut who has flown to the Mir and to the Salyut-7 space stations. He has worked for the Russian space program since 1964.

In his Oral History, Aleksandrov remarked on the shared EVA training that occurred during the Shuttle-Mir Program.

"We've learned a few lessons during our joint flight on Mir and during this training for the International Space Station. We took into consideration the way the training is organized at NASA, and we act accordingly. As you know, the American astronauts conducted the EVA on Mir, and they went through the training for those EVAs at our facility in Russia, and they've done it beautifully. Of course, we would even have achieved more results if we hadn't those language barriers, and those constraints imposed on us certain difficulties."

Aleksandr Aleksandrov Oral History (PDF)

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