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Teams - Victor D. Blagov, Co-chair, Flight Operations and Systems Integration Working Group, Energia

Victor Blagov from RSC Energia served as co-chair for the Flight Operations and Systems Integration Working Group. This group developed Phase 1's flight programs and crew work schedules. The group also devised the requirements for control, communications, and systems integration. Additionally, Blagov served as the deputy lead Mir flight director.

He graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1959 after majoring in aircraft engines. In the early years of his career, he designed rescue vehicles and participated in the Vostok and Voskhod programs.

Blagov commented on the value of the Phase 1 Program and the International Space Station during his Oral History interview:

"Just on a purely philosophical wave, I think that mankind needs something that would lead to the unification of people. I think that it is extremely important to do something that will benefit everybody, and not fight with each other in wars. Wars are too expensive; we can't afford wars anymore. I think it's much smarter to spend money doing something like the International Space Station or something similar. Then politicians will not have an opportunity to make wrong decisions."

Victor Blagov Oral History (PDF)

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