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Teams - Valeri V. Bogomolov, Co-chair, Phase 1 Medical Operations Working Group, IBMP

Valeri Bogomolov from the IBMP (Institute of Biomedical Problems) served as co-chair for the Phase 1 Medical Operations Working Group. This group was responsible for defining health care systems requirements in support of astronauts and cosmonauts involved in cooperative missions.

In his Oral History, he said: "One of our major tasks at this time is to combine both systems developed in Russia and in the United States. There are some differences, but our task is just to bring these two systems together and combine them in one joint system that will be used on the International Space Station by all partners. So, of course, the major task is to accomplish our goal, which is to provide adequate medical support for our cosmonauts or astronauts onboard."

Bogomolov, a medical doctor, graduated from the Moscow Medical Institute in 1967.

Valeri Bogomolov Oral History (PDF)

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