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Teams - William C. "Charlie" Brown, Co-chair, Crew Training and Exchange Working Group, NASA

Charlie Brown from the NASA Johnson Space Center served as the co-chair for the Crew Training and Exchange Working Group. This group developed the requirements for crew functions, programs, schedules, and crew training.

During Phase 1, important information was obtained, said Brown, during his Oral History interview:

"We've learned a lot about their [Russian] training program. We've learned a lot about what is required to maintain a space station on orbit, the things that can happen and how to react to those things, how we need to do business a little differently to be able to react to them.

"For instance, before Phase 1, we probably wouldn't have considered adding things to the Shuttle manifest within, say, three or four months before flying. During Phase 1, there are a lot of things that happened that we had to add things very late, and [we] were able to do that. So we learned a lot."

Brown holds bachelor's and master's degrees in aerospace engineering. He was a pilot and flight instructor in the Navy before joining NASA.

Charlie Brown Oral History (PDF)

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