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Teams - Richard K. Fullerton, Co-chair, Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Working Group, NASA

Richard Fullerton from NASA served as co-chair for the Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Working Group for the Phase 1 Program. This group was responsible for defining both the EVA requirements and the hardware necessary to support spacewalks made during Phase 1.

Fullerton worked closely with his Russian counterparts to ensure requirements were met for the many EVAs scheduled as part of the Shuttle-Mir Program. From this association, he was able to learn many lessons that assured success:

"The Russians are very practical oriented. They want to know why and they want a real solid reason why you want to do something. If you change, they want to understand. They have personalities just like we do, and they have schedule problems, financial problems, some more or less than we do. A lot of the non-technical things are really what drive what our difficulties are at the moment. But they all know the fundamentals and they've been around �"

Richard Fullerton Oral History (PDF)

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