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Teams - Jessie M. Gilmore, Executive Secretary/Assistant, Phase 1 Program Office

Jessie Gilmore was the executive secretary/assistant to Program Manager Frank Culbertson in NASA's Phase 1 Program Office. Prior to her Phase 1 duties, Gilmore was a secretary in the astronaut office. In her Oral History, Gilmore described one of her many duties:

"[Y]ou set up all your Team Zero [meetings], which was a joint working group meeting between the Russians and the Americans. I handled all the meeting places, [coordinating] their meeting schedule, saw to it they got to the places they were supposed to get on time. I set up any of the receptions that were needed down there [Kennedy Space Center]; took care of them for their tours; their viewing of the launch; saw to it they got from the airport to the airport [by making arrangements with TechTrans Inc. (TTI)]; took care of the Americans that were down there supporting those meetings; making sure that the faxes were sent; the meetings were set up. Some of the [meetings were held at] two or three o'clock in the morning, since they were eight to nine hours ahead of us in Russia. Sometimes it required multiple meetings."

Jessie Gilmore Oral History (PDF)

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