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Teams - Carolyn Huntoon, Director, Johnson Space Center during Phase 1

Carolyn Huntoon was the Director of the Johnson Space Center during the first part of Phase 1. She was appointed as Director in 1994. Huntoon joined NASA in 1970 as a life sciences researcher and has served in a number of key roles for the Center.

NASA scientist John Charles commented in his Oral History on one aspect of Huntoon's role in Phase 1:

"I give Carolyn Huntoon a great deal of credit for introducing the idea of statistics in the Russian space medicine program, because the folks she worked with ended up doing T-tests on some of their metabolic studies they did in flight, and that was the first evidence I've ever seen in my reading of statistics in the Russian space medicine publications.

"And I know it's because she hounded them to do it, or maybe she did them [the tests] for them and gave them back to them."

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