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Teams - Mike Mott, Associate Deputy Administrator, NASA

Mike Mott served as NASA's Associate Deputy Administrator from December 1993 to June 1998. In this role, he reported directly to the NASA Administrator and provided management, direction, technical coordination and implementation of NASA programs. He also developed and implemented policy and procedures for the Administrator and assisted in executing space flight programs and operations.

Involved with NASA during Phase 1, Mott said the following about the success of Shuttle-Mir Program.

"I think with Phase 1 we've shown that we can work with international partners. If you look at the [International] Space Station that's on orbit right now [as of 4/23/99], you have two pieces of flight hardware that were never within 10,000 miles of each other, flown in space, rendezvoused, docked, and the light switch was turned on and everything worked. That is an incredible engineering achievement. Not ever have we done that before in the space program."

Prior to his NASA career, Mott served on the redesign team for the International Space Station. Also, Mott served in the US Marine Corps in numerous operational and staff assignments throughout the United States and the Western Pacific. He is a graduate from the US Naval Test Pilot School, participating in 89 major flight test projects, and commanded Marine Aircraft Group Forty One at Andrews Air Force Base.

Mike Mott Oral History (PDF)

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