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Teams - James R. "Jim" Nise, Contract Director, Shuttle-Mir Management Working Group

Jim Nise was NASA's contract director for the Shuttle-Mir Management Working Group. Within this group, Nise helped to establish configuration management control standards, as well as the standards for Phase 1 documents and communications.

In his Oral History, Nise spoke of one of the many lessons learned during the program:

" . . . this program has taught me that you need to consider the other side's point of view up front or you're going to waste your time. We are culturally significantly different. We're growing closer toward each other, but we're culturally significantly different, and when you have brought something up and they don't necessarily jump at it with glee, you need to go back and reconsider why that is and figure out how to move things along. It makes for an interesting day."

Jim Nise Oral History (PDF)

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