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Teams - Debra Rahn, Co-chair, Public Affairs Working Group, NASA

Debra Rahn from NASA Headquarters served as co-chair for the Public Affairs Working Group. This group planned, coordinated, and implemented all public affairs activities. Her responsibilities included activities associated with television, news, and protocol and guest operations related to the Phase 1 Program.

During her Oral History session, Rahn spoke about the different philosophies between NASA and the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, where the astronauts trained in Russia.

"[It] was their policy that they would actually charge media for access to their facilities for interviews, for tours, and that sort of thing, which, of course, is something that NASA does not do. We discussed that on several occasions. Basically we agreed to disagree. It was clearly their policy. What we did do in a compromise was that they would not charge any news media for access to our astronauts who are training there."

Debra Rahn Oral History (PDF)

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