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Teams - George W. Sandars, Group Lead, Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Working Group, NASA

George Sandars of NASA Johnson Space Center was co-chair for the Flight Operations and Systems Integration Working Group. This group developed the flight programs and crew work schedules for Phase 1. The group also devised the requirements for control, communications, and systems integration.

"Our particular group is called Working Group 3," said Sandars, in his Oral History, "and it's a combination of the operations, MOD [Mission Operations Directorate], and the engineering, or integration, payload integration world, or systems integration. We do the engineering functions: the loads, stresses, thermals, flight control, water transfer, ECLSS [Environmental Control and Life Support Systems], all the various technical areas. We interface with the Russians and have those discussions and define the technical requirements environments required for both people to certify to, to end up and say that we can go fly these particular missions."

George Sandars Oral History (PDF)

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