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Teams - Ronald M. Sega, Astronaut, Director of Operations, Russia

NASA Astronaut Ron Sega served as a Director of Operations (DOR) in Russia during Phase 1. As a DOR, he was responsible for the coordination and implementation of Phase 1 mission operations activities between Russia and NASA, managing a vital support systems office in Star City, Russia.

Sega became an astronaut in 1991, and he flew on the shuttle twice as a mission specialist. Prior to his NASA career, Sega was a pilot in the United States Air Force, and he was also on the faculty of the U.S. Air Force Academy in the Department of Physics. Sega holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and physics from the U.S. Air Force Academy, a Master of Science degree in physics from Ohio State University, and a Doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado.

In his Oral History, Sega said: "I believe we have learned a great deal in Phase 1 for joint efforts in space with the Russians, as well as long-duration flight, the principal contributions to that learning probably in the operation side, whether it be doing rendezvous and docking or communications with those on the ground and scheduling of experiments, to some of operations of the equipment onboard."

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