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Teams - John J. Uri, Co-chair, Mission Science Working Group, NASA

John Uri of NASA Johnson Space Center served as the co-chair for the Mission Science Working Group. This group developed Phase 1 scientific programs and experiments, and it defined the requirements for Shuttle-Mir science equipment.

Uri commented on the benefits from "a science perspective" of the Phase 1 Program (in his Oral History):

"Early in the program, before we started flying, there were people that didn't think Mir was a good enough environment to do some of the science. Turns out that was not the case. It's a very stable environment for doing the microgravity type of experiments that require the minimal bumping and vibrations and so on. Turns out the results we got were excellent.

"So I'm not sure what people based that early belief on, but that proved to be not the case. We did more experiments overall in the whole program than we had anticipated, partly because of the extension. I think the results that are coming in now are very, very exciting, and there's, I think, a lot more to come."

John Uri Oral History (PDF)

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