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Teams - Pavel M. Vorobiev, Co-chair, Cargo and Scheduling Subgroup, RSC Energia

Pavel Vorobiev from the RSC Energia served as co-chair for the Cargo and Scheduling Subgroup, which was a division within the Management Working Group. This group was responsible for joint manifesting, cargo traffic scheduling, and cargo delivered by the shuttle to the Mir.

Vorobiev has worked for Energia since 1957 when he was hired by Sergei Korolev, the chief designer of the Soviet space program. Vorobiev worked on the Zond Project, which sent the first satellite to orbit the moon.

Regarding the Phase 1 Program, Vorobiev said (in his Oral History) many of the experiences will prove to be valuable for the success of the International Space Station:

"Over the course of our work, we were able to develop a whole technique of loading cargo into the orbiter based on the needs of the station. We were able to achieve a certain flexibility which was also never practiced before. For example, whenever we need to load something that is urgent for the station or maybe such cargo as food items or something that is required in case of sudden contingency, we now are capable of doing these things.

"So now we're going to use this valuable experience during the next phase, Phase 2 of the space station, and I think that was the main result of work for the last few years."

Pavel Vorobiev Oral History (PDF)

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