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Glossary of NASA Acronyms and Abbreviations

ADSFAutomated Directional Solidification Furnace
AFSCNAir Force Satellite Control Network
A/LApproach and Landing
ALTApproach and Landing Test (Program)
AMUAstronaut Maneuvering Unit
AOAAbort Once Around
APSAlternate Payload Specialist
APUAuxiliary Power Unit
ARCAggregation of Red Blood Cells
ASEAirborne Support Equipment
ATEAutomatic Test Equipment
ATOAbort to Orbit
BFCBackup Flight Control (System)
BOCBase Operations Contract
CAPCOMCapsule Communicator
CCAFSCape Canaveral Air Force Station
CCMSCheckout, Control and Monitor Subsystem
CCTVClosed Circuit Televison
CDMSCommand & Data Management Systems Officer
CDSCentral Data System
CFESContinuous Flow Electrophoresis System
CICCrew Interface Coordinator
CIECommunications Interface Equipment
CITECargo Integration Test Equipment
CTSCall to Stations
DCCData Compution Complex
DCRDesign Certification Review
DCSDisplay Control System
DIGDigital Image Generation
DFIDevelopment Flight Instrumentation
DFRFHugh L. Dryden Flight Research Facility
DMCData Management Coordinator
DMOSDiffusive Mixing of Organic Solutions
DODDepartment of Defense
DOPDiver Operated Plug
DPSData Processing System
EAFBEdwards Air Force Base
ECLSSEnvironmental Control & Life Support System
EECOMPElectrical, Environmental & Consumables Systems Engineer
EIEntry Interface
ELRADEarth Limb Radiance
EMUExtravehicular Mobility Unit
ESAEuropean Space Agency
ESMCEastern Space and Missile Center
ETExternal Tank
EVAExtravehicular Activity
FAOFlight Activities Officer
FAWGFlight Assignment Working Group
FBSCFixed Base Crew Stations
F/CFlight Controller
FCTFlight Crew Trainer
FCTSFlight Crew Trainer Simulator
FDFlight Director
FDFFlight Data File
FDOFlight Dynamics Officer
FODFlight Operations Directorate
FOEFlight Operations Engineer
FOPGFlight Operations Planning Group
FOSOFlight Operations Scheduling Officer
FRFiring Room
FRCFlight Control Room
FRCSForward Reaction Control System
FRFFlight Readiness Firing
FRRFlight Readiness Review
FSEFlight Simulation Engineer
FSSFixed Service Structure
GASGetaway Special
GCGround Control
GDOGuidance Officer
GLSGround Launch Sequencer
GNGround Network
GNCGuidance, Navigation & Control Systems Engineer
GPCGeneral Purpose Computer
GSEGround Support Equipment
GSFCGoddard Space Flight Center
HACHeading Alignment Circle
HBHigh Bay
HMFHypergolic Maintenance Facility
HPPFHorizontal Payloads Processing Facility
HUSHypergolic Umbilical System
IECMInduced Environment Contamination Monitor
IEFIsoelectric Focusing Experiment
IGInertial Guidance
ILSInstrument Landing System
IMFIn Flight Maintenance
IMUInertial Measurement Unit
INCOInstrumentation & Communications Officer
IRCFEInfrared Communications Flight Experiment
IRIGInterrange Instrumentation Group
ISPIntegrated Support Plan
IUSInertial Upper Stage
IVAIntravehicular Activity
JPLJet Propulsion Laboratory
JSCLyndon B. Johnson Space Center
KSCJohn F. Kennedy Space Center
LCLaunch Complex
LCCLaunch Control Center
LCSLaunch Control System
LDEFLong Duration Exposure Facility
LETFLaunch Equipment Test Facility
LOXLiquid Oxygen
LPSLaunch Processing System
LSALaunch Services Agreement
LWGLogistics Working Group
MBCSMotion Base Crew Station
MCCMission Control Center
MDMission Director
MDDMate/Demate Device
MEMain Engine
MECOMain Engine Cutoff
METMission Elapsed Time
MLEMesoscale Lightning Experiment
MLPMobile Launch Platform
MLRMonodisperse Latex Reactor
MLSMicrowave Landing System
MMACSMaintenance, Mechanical Arm & Crew Systems Engineer
MMPSEMultiuse Mission Payload Support Equipment
MMSEMultiuse Mission Support Equipment
MMUManned Maneuvering Unit
MODMission Operations Directorate
MOPMission Operations Plan
MPGHMMobile Payload Ground Handling Mechanism
MPPSEMultipurpose Payload Support Equipment
MPSMain Propulsion System
MSMission Specialist
MSBLSMicrowave Scanning Beam Landing System
MSCIMission Scientist
MSFCGeorge C. Marshall Space Flight Center
MSSMobile Service Structure
MSTMobile Service Tower
MUMMass Memory Unit Manager
NASCOMNASA Communications Network
NBTNeutral Buoyancy Facility
NIPNetwork Interface Processor
NOCCNetwork Operations Control Center
NSRSNASA Safety Reporting System
NSTLNational Space Technology Laboratories
NSTSNational Space Transportation System
OAAOrbiter Access Arm
OCOperations Coordinator
O&COperations and Checkout (Building)
OASTOffice of Aeronautics & Space Technology
OFIOperational Flight Instrumentation
OFTOrbiter Flight Test
OMBUUOrbiter Midbody Umbilical Unit
OMRFOrbiter Maintenance & Refurbishment Facility
OMSOrbital Maneuvering System
OPFOrbiter Processing Facility
OSFOffice of Space Flight
OSSOffice of Space Science
OSSAOffice of Space Science and Applications
OSTAOffice of Space and Terrestrial Applications
OVOrbiter Vehicle
PACEPrelaunch Automatic Checkout Equipment
PAMPayload Assist Module
PAYCOMPayload Command Coordinator
PCGProtein Crystal Growth Experiment
PCRPayload Changeout Room
PDRSPayload Deployment & Retrieval System
PGHMPayload Ground Handling Mechanism
PHFPayload Handling Fixture
PIPPayload Integration Plan
PLSSPortable Life-Support Subsystem
POCCPayload Operations Control Center
PODPayload Operations Director
PPEPhase Partitioning Experiment
PRCPayload Changeout Room
PRFParachute Refurbishment Facility
PRSDPower Reactant Storage & Distribution
PSPayload Specialist
PVTOSPhysical Vapor Transport of Organic Solids
R&DResearch Development
RCSReaction Control System
RMSRemote Manipulator System
RPSRecord Playback Subsystem
RSSRotating Service Structure
RTLSReturn to Launch Site
SAEFSpacecraft Assembly & Encapsulation Facility
SAILShuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory
SCAShuttle Carrier Aircraft
SCAMMAStation Conferencing & Monitoring Arrangement
SCAPESelf-Contained Atmospheric Protection Ensemble
SIDSimulation Interface Device
SIPStandard Interface Panel
SITShuttle Interface Test
SLFShuttle Landing Facility
SMABSolid Motor Assembly Building
SMCHStandard Mixed Cargo Harness
SMSShuttle Mission Simulator
SNSpace Network
SPIFShuttle Payload Integration Facility
SPOCShuttle Portable On-Board Computer
SRBSolid Rocket Booster
SRBDFSolid Rocket Booster Dissassembly Facility
SRMSolid Rocket Motor
SRM&QASafety, Reliability, Maintainability & Quality Assurance
SSCJohn C. Stennis Space CenterSSCP Small Self-Contained Payload
SSIPShuttle Student Involvement Program
SSPStandard Switch Panel
SSMESpace Shuttle Main Engines
SSTSingle System Trainer
STAShuttle Training Aircraft
STSSpace Transportation System
TACANTactical Air Navigation
TAEMTerminal Area Energy Management
TALTrans-Atlantic Abort Landing
TDRSTracking and Data Relay Satellite
TPADTrunnion Pin Acquisition Device
TPSThermal Protection System
TSMTail Service Mast
UHFUltra-high Frequency
VABVehicle Assembly Building
VLFVery Low Frequency
VPFVertical Processing Facility
WCSWaste Collection System
WSMCWestern Space & Missile Center
WSMRWhite Sands Missile Range
WSSHWhite Sands Space Harbor

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