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NASA Johnson Space Center Oral History Project

The oral histories on this Website are the transcripts from audio-recorded, personal interviews with many who pioneered outer space and the Moon, and with those who continue the excitement of space exploration. To preserve the integrity of the audio record, the texts are presented with limited revisions and thus reflect the candid conversational style of the oral history format. Brackets and ellipses indicate where the text has been annotated or edited for clarity. The date of each interview is noted on the first page.

If available, the Biographical Data Sheet provided background information for the Oral Historian to prepare for the interview. A project research historian submitted the data sheet on the date listed at the end of the file.

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Gary W. Johnson Oral History Interviews

February 17, 1998 (Shuttle-Mir Oral History) HTML PDF 76K
May 3, 2010 HTML PDF 169K
May 4, 2010 HTML PDF 136K
Photo Gallery HTML  
NASA/SP-2010-578 - NASA Astronauts on Soyuz: Experience and Lessons for the Future, August 2010   PDF
NASA/TP-2010-216131 - Worldwide Spacecraft Crew Hatch History, August 2010   PDF
Biographical Data Sheet   PDF 18K


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