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Shuttle-Mir Illustrated History Book - Author Clay Morgan

The human factor in history and spaceflight fascinates Clay Morgan, who first wrote about space in his commentaries for National Public Radio. He has written reports for the U.S. Forest Service and the National Science Foundation, and published two nonfiction books and two novels, including Santiago and the Drinking Party, winner of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award.

No stranger to risk, he worked for many summers as a smokejumper in the western U.S. and Alaska. He received the Idaho Governor's Award for the Arts and served as Idaho's Writer in Residence. He has taught literature and writing at Boise State University and at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Recently he originated the UHCL's master's degree concentration in Space and Exploration Studies. He is now working to expand UHCL's human spaceflight history archives.

He lives near Johnson Space Center with his wife, NASA Astronaut Barbara Morgan, and their two sons.

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