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The United States and Russia Share History's Highest Stage
By Clay Morgan

This multimedia history details the first major Russian-American partnership after the fall of the Soviet Union, combining the American Space Shuttle's ready access to space with Russia's long-term address in orbit´┐Żtheir space station Mir.

The book presents the human side of the Shuttle-Mir story, beginning by setting the historical stage. It then alternates between efforts of the team members on the ground, the missions of the American Space Shuttles to and near Mir, and the tales of the seven American astronauts who, with their Russian crewmates, endured months in Earth orbit.

The searchable CD-ROM further explores the Shuttle-Mir Program with more texts, photos, videos, biographies, letters home from the Mir astronauts, and oral histories that explain the day-to-day challenges faced by those working on Earth and in orbit.

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Foreword by Frank L. Culbertson,
    Phase 1 Shuttle-Mir Program Manager

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