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Shuttle-Mir Stories

Thagard Increment
Thagard on Selection
Thagard on Training
Thagard on Language Training
Thagard on Testing
Thagard on Cold War "Irony"
Thagard on Launching in Soyuz
Thagard on Soyuz Docking
Thagard on Long-Duration Spaceflight
Thagard on "Space Sickness"
Thagard on "Washing Up"
Thagard on Returning to Gravity

Lucid Increment
Lucid in Scientific American
Lucid on Communications
Lucid on "Family Time"
Lucid on Being an Astronaut
Lucid on Books on Mir
Lucid on ISS Science Needs
Lucid on Language
Lucid on Life on Mir
Lucid on Mir Clothing
Lucid on Physical Exercise
Lucid on Training in Russia
Lucid on Treatment of Women
Lucid Postflight Conference
Lucid letter "Pink socks..."
Lucid letter on EVAs
Lucid Mir Crew Conference

Blaha Increment
Blaha on a Day on Mir
Blaha on EVAs
Blaha on Increments' Differences
Blaha on Launch and Docking
Blaha on Life after Mir
Blaha on Life in Russia
Blaha on Mir Environment
Blaha on Progress Arrival
Blaha on the View from Mir
Blaha on Training
Blaha on Workload

Linenger Increment
Linenger's Letters to His Son

Foale Increment
Foale on The Collision
Foale on the "Spin"
Precourt on the Collision
Foale on Black Sea Training
Foale Describing the Space Shuttle Mir
Foale on Benefit of Phase 1
Foale on Communications
Foale on Doing "Dirty" Work
Foale on Fire & "Near Miss"
Foale on Going to Mir
Foale on his EVA
Foale on Life in Russia
Foale on Life on Mir

Wolf Increment
Wolf Letter from Mir
Wolf on "Flight Docs"
Wolf on Communications
Wolf on Doing "Dirty" Work
Wolf on EVA
Wolf on Increments' Differences
Wolf on Language and ISS
Wolf on Mir Science
Wolf on Replacing Lawrence
Wolf on Training
Wolf on Mir Safety

Thomas Increment
Thomas "Letters from the Outpost"
Thomas "The Flight Begins"
Thomas "Rendezvous and Docking"
Thomas "First Days on Mir"
Thomas "A Typical Day on Mir"
Thomas "The View from Space"
Thomas on "Crowded" Mir
Thomas on Being Left on Mir
Thomas on Books on Mir
Thomas on Communications
Thomas on Explorers
Thomas on Increments' Differerences
Thomas on Leaving Mir
Thomas on Adapting to Microgravity
Thomas on Mir Experience
Thomas on Mir Food
Thomas on Mir Recreation
Thomas on Russian Culture
Thomas on Training
Thomas on Value of Shuttle-Mir
Thomas on Last View of Mir
Thomas on Mir Safety


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