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Communications Transcripts:
Mercury Through Apollo

The Mission Transcript Collection includes scanned transcripts from recorded air-to-ground transmissions and from tapes recording the words of the astronauts while onboard the Mercury through Apollo missions. The collection contains 80 transcripts (approximately 45,000 pages of text). Some of the transcripts include a detailed explanation of the contents.

Starting with the Gemini flights, NASA produced a Public Affairs Office commentary version, as well as at least one "technical" air-to-ground transcript version per mission. Most of the Apollo missions produced four transcripts per flight - the onboard voice data recorder transcripts made from the Data Storage Equipment on the Command Module, the Data Storage Electronics Assembly onboard the Lunar Module, the Public Affairs Office commentary, and air-to-ground technical transcripts.

The transcripts have been exported to individual Adobe Acrobat PDF files for easy searching and viewing. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.

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