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Gemini: 1962-1966  

Astronaut Edward H. White, II - spacewalkGemini was an intermediate step between Mercury and Apollo. Its major objectives: to subject two men and their equipment to long duration, microgravity flights; to rendezvous and dock with other orbiting vehicles; and to perfect methods of reentry and landing the spacecraft at a pre-selected point.

On The Shoulders of Titans: A History of Project Gemini

Project Gemini: Technology and Operations: A Chronology

KSC Project Gemini Information

NASA U.S. Spacesuit Knowledge Capture Program

Project Gemini Drawings and Technical Diagrams

JSC Gemini Images Directory

Gemini I (unmanned)

Gemini II (unmanned)

Gemini III (Molly Brown)
March 23, 1965

Gemini IV
June 3, 1965

Gemini V
August 21, 1965

Gemini VII
December 4, 1965

Gemini VI-A
December 15, 1965

Gemini VIII
March 16, 1966

Gemini IX-A
June 3, 1966

Gemini X
July 18, 1966

Gemini XI
September 12, 1966

Gemini XII
November 11, 1966

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