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Space Shuttle: 1981 to 2011  

Space Shuttle on padNASA's Space Shuttle orbiters were the first spacecraft capable of routinely launching into orbit like rockets and then returning to Earth as gliders. They were the main element of NASA's Space Transportation System, and were used for scientific research and space applications, such as deploying and repairing satellites.
On its own, a Shuttle could carry to orbit a payload of about 65,000 pounds. Typical missions had crews of about seven astronauts, orbited at altitudes of around 150 to 250 miles, and stayed in space for ten days to two weeks.

Space Shuttle Historic Recordation

Space Shuttle Recordation Oral History Project

Shuttle Carrier Aircraft / Solid Rocket Booster Recovery Oral History Project

Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Recordation

Solid Rocket Booster Retrieval Ships Recordation

White Sands Space Harbor, 1976 - 2011
Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) Level II Documentation

Space Shuttle Program Tacit Knowledge Capture Project

Wings in Orbit:
The Scientific and Engineering Legacies
of the Space Shuttle

NASA U.S. Spacesuit Knowledge Capture Program

Space Shuttle Missions Summary (PDF 82MB)

Toward a History of the Space Shuttle:
An Annotated Bibliography:

Wings into Space: The Flight of STS-1,
April 12-14, 1981

20th Anniversary of STS-1

KSC Shuttle Operations

Shuttle Press Kits: 1981 - 2002

Shuttle Press Kits: 1997 - 2011

JSC Shuttle Mission Archive

KSC Shuttle Mission Summaries, Launch,
and Landing Archive, 1999-2004

Shuttle Operational Data Book

Shuttle Status Reports

Space Shuttle Status Reports

NASA History Information on STS-51L/
Challenger Accident

Space Shuttle Orbiters - Names

KSC Discovery Orbiter Fact Page

KSC Atlantis Orbiter Fact Page

KSC Endeavour Orbiter Fact Page

KSC Challenger Orbiter Fact Page

Life Sciences Data Archive Searchable Database

Space Shuttle Basics

Space Shuttle
International Space Station






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