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Mercury: 1958-1963

Mercury 7 AstronautsProject Mercury put the first Americans into space. Initiated in 1958, with six manned flights from 1961 to 1963, Project Mercury's objectives were specific: to orbit a manned spacecraft around Earth; to investigate man's ability to function in space; and to recover both man and spacecraft safely.

This New Ocean: A History of Project Mercury

Mercury Project Summary

Project Mercury: A Chronology

Space Medicine In Project Mercury

NASA U.S. Spacesuit Knowledge Capture Program

Project Mercury Drawings and Technical Diagrams

JSC Mercury Images

Mercury Unmanned Missions

Video: Mercury Astronauts; Alan Shepard; Mercury Launch
(with partial audio)

MR-3 Freedom 7
May 5, 1961

MR-4 Liberty Bell 7
July 21, 1961

Results of the Second U.S. Manned Suborbital Space Flight

MA-6 Friendship 7
February 20, 1962

Friendship 7 Video

40th Anniversary of Friendship 7 (Mercury Atlas 6)

MA-7 Aurora 7
May 24, 1962

Results of the Second U.S. Manned Orbital Space Flight

MA-8 Sigma 7
October 3, 1962

MA-9 Faith 7
May 15, 1963

Results of the Fourth Manned Orbital Space Flight

KSC Mercury Archives

The 40th Anniversary of the Mercury Seven Selection

Life Sciences Data Archive Searchable Database

Communications Transcripts: Mercury Through Apollo

Space Shuttle
International Space Station






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