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Skylab: 1973-1974    

SkylabSkylab was a U.S. space station adapted from the third stage of a Saturn V rocket and launched into orbit in May 1973. Three successive crews of three astronauts each occupied Skylab. The longest mission, which ended in February 1974, lasted almost three months.

Skylab: A Chronology

Living and Working in Space: A History of Skylab

Skylab, Classroom in Space

Skylab: America's First Space Station (MSFC)

The History of Skylab (KSC)
Launch of Skylab
History of Skylab - Part 1
History Of Skylab - Part 2
History Of Skylab - Part 3

Skylab Press Kits (JSC)
Skylab 1 & 2
Skylab 3
Skylab 4

NASA U.S. Spacesuit Knowledge Capture Program

JSC Skylab Images

Life Sciences Data Archive Searchable Database

JSC Skylab Image Collection

Skylab Digital Images at Goddard Space Flight Center

Skylab Drawings and Technical Diagrams

Space Shuttle
International Space Station





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