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Oral Histories from Houston History magazine

Excerpts from the following JSC Oral History Project transcripts were used in Houston History magazine, Fall 2008 edition.

For more information on the magazine, visit:

To read the complete oral history transcripts, choose from the following list.

The transcripts have been exported to Adobe Acrobat PDF files for easy searching and viewing. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.

Remembering Apollo 8

Christopher C. Kraft

"One Giant Leap"--Thoughts on Apollo 11

Gene Kranz
Neil Armstrong
Jerry Bostick
Mel Brooks
Gene Cernan
Larry Davis
Ed Fendell
Ed Gibson
Bob Heselmeyer
Jack Lousma
Dave Whittle

All of the Oral History transcripts collected by the JSC History Office are archived in the JSC History Collection at the University of Houston-Clear Lake and are available from the alphabetical list below or from the complete list of participants.

Transcript lists were last updated: March 31, 2009


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