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Historical Research Information - Archival holdings are arranged by record group (abbreviated RG), a body of records from an agency or bureau, identified by an RG number. Selected finding aids, including a comprehensive guide to the archival holdings, are available by mail and online. Research can be initiated in person, by telephone, mail, fax, or electronic mail. Individuals who wish to use archival holdings on-site will facilitate their research by calling before visiting.
Before using archival holdings, every researcher must obtain a researcher identification card. An applicant must show identification that includes a photograph, such as a driver's license, passport, or school or business identification card, and complete a short form giving name, address, telephone number, and a brief description of the proposed research topic. A researcher ID card, valid for 3 years and renewable, is then issued. It must be presented during each research visit. The card cannot be issued in advance of your visit.

Staff Contacts and Public Services (phone numbers for Users Services (Archives) as well as phone numbers and email links for administrators and directors … choose 'Director Archival Operations') -

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Description of the materials included in the JSC History Collection

JSC History Collection - Background

Information on accessing the materials in the JSC History Collection

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