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The NASA Johnson Space Center History Collection was first assembled when the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center (now JSC) opened in Houston in the early 1960s. Originally information was gathered by historians as background for writing and publishing histories of each manned space flight program. Most of these publications were published by the Government Printing Office as Special Publications in the 4000 - history series. For a listing of all NASA history publications available go to the NASA History Office publications page (

The files collected by the historians contain source documents and interviews and now serve as part of the JSC History Collection currently housed at the University of Houston - Clear Lake.

In 2011, large portions of the Apollo, Skylab, and ASTP series were scanned into PDF files by JSC. These electronic files are available via reference request by contacting the archivist at UHCL or the JSC History Office. The paper copies of these documents are now located at the National Archives and Records Administration, Fort Worth Regional Archives.

A database was created to index the entire collection item by item in an attempt to increase access to these documents. A second database was added that would describe the holdings of the collection down to the folder title level. Both databases are available through this Website.

Researchers are encouraged to utilize these databases to expedite their research requests and narrow their focus for available materials.

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Description of the materials included in the JSC History Collection

Information regarding the JSC materials housed at the National Archives and Records Administration

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