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The NASA Johnson Space Center History Office supports the Center and the Agency through a number of efforts.

Through its Oral History Project, the History Office collects first-hand experiences eliciting details of procedures, processes, methodologies, rationale, and background of operations, design, and development. Since 1997, more than 1195 oral histories have been conducted by the History Office and the finalized transcripts are available on the fully searchable History Portal. This website is updated with new oral history transcripts at least four times a year.

Through the JSC History Portal, the History Office provides easy access to searchable electronic files and resources such as the Center�s collection of Space Roundups (1961-present), Press Kits (Apollo through Shuttle), NASA Mission Transcripts (Mercury through Apollo Air to Ground transcripts), JSC News Releases from 1961 to present, and more than 300 space related websites and resources, such as links to NASA imagery and publications. The Portal also provides access to the JSC History Collection History and Archive databases.

By using research expertise and encompassing historical knowledge, the History Office provides real-time support and assistance to those at the Center and within the Agency in locating materials to aid in fulfilling requirements or providing accurate data necessary for reports, analysis, and resolutions to current and future issues. The History Office utilizes the JSC History Collection and Archives as well as numerous additional sources to provide quick and thorough answers to questions. Also, the History Office promotes the acquisition of personal files and historical possessions from former JSC employees and works closely with the JSC History Collection archivist to assist in securing these materials for preservation and future use.

By transferring data from obsolete media to accessible sources before the data deteriorates, the History Office preserves resource information unique to the Center and the Agency. Saving these recordings is essential, because very few of the tape rescue interviews have been transcribed.

Contact information for the NASA Johnson Space Center History Office:

JSC History Office

For research requests, please contact the
JSC Historian

Jennifer Ross-Nazzal, Ph.D

For audio requests, please contact the
Audio Production Coordinator

Sandra Johnson
JSC Archivist: Mark Scroggins

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